If you upcycle content you're a winner

Upcycle your content for superior results

Modern day content marketing is barely 20 years old, yet one of the challenges marketers already face is how to create new and original content. The solution is to get smart: upcycle your content so that it...
The key to successful blogging is to write obsessively good content

Blogging: What makes one million people read, share and subscribe?

Tim Urban is not an expert in anything about which he writes. But with over one-million visitors to his blog each month, and half a million subscribers, he’s an expert in what makes written content go...



Like a cougar stalking its prey, use stealth when researching on LinkedIn

How to succeed as a professional stalker

As a user-generated networking database, LinkedIn is one of the most powerful business research tools available. That is, so long as your privacy settings...
Anna Kendrick was not a social media success as 'Miss America'

Being ‘Miss America’ made Anna Kendrick a social failure

Anna Kendrick was nominated for a Tony (High Society) at age 12, and an Oscar (Up in the Air) at 25. She made five...
A soldier poised to throw a grenade

Gary Vaynerchuk dropped a f*cking bomb at INBOUND

‘F*ck’ is one of the most versatile words in the English language. To many, it’s inoffensive. To some, it’s crude and boorish. When Gary...


Sleazy boss making advances towards secretary while another woman looks on

Tendering’s Seven Deadly Sins

Last year, via a competitive tender, one of the country’s largest insurance groups consolidated its legal panel from 50-plus to 20-something. This week, I...
men motioning to shoosh

Word of Mouth or Paid Placement?

We’ve long known word-of-mouth is a highly effective means of marketing. A November 2013 survey (granted, one conducted by the US Word of Mouth...
Fashionable couple being shown lingerie by a shop assistant

Caveat venditor! (Seller beware!)

There is a bunch of factors that distinguish business-to-business marketing from its consumer kin. Firstly, the sales cycle is generally much longer. In part, this is...
Prosecutor speaking directly to a jury

Body of Evidence

Isn’t it ironic that at a time when consumer brands are swooning over the opportunities presented by Big Data, professional services firms are still,...
Vintage photo of ten female musicians with their instruments

Lost an important tender? It’s time to face the music.

In New South Wales, between late 2015 and early 2016, 100-plus commercial law firms competed in an aggregated tender to be appointed to the...
In this digital age, with our lives documented by social media, we need a cultural revolution against online bullying, harassment and shaming.

The Blame Game

One of the things I most admire about working with engineering firms is their genuine commitment to continuous improvement. Evidently, when critical infrastructure is...