Use your LinkedIn group to build a tribe, not your ego

Groups should be one of the most valuable features of LinkedIn. But to be so, many group administrators need to relinquish control, or make member service a higher priority.   One of my most popular blogs...

Know, Like, Trust. The future of marketing is live

Infomercials or Infotainment? Live TV is the real reality television. And, if there was a single takeaway from Social Media Marketing World 2016, it was that live video will disrupt the way brands and...


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Is Urban Dictionary now the media’s go-to language resource?

Over the past year or two my news feed has become infected with slang – words like epic, killer and hacks. 3 killer ways...

Do you have the nerve to be a thought leader?

It’s not difficult to become an expert. All it takes is commitment, application and, if you are a follower of Outliers author, Malcolm Gladwell,...

It’s time to start measuring the effectiveness of your content marketing

Content marketing. It’s one of the most over-used, misused buzzwords. Despite the term technically being 20 years old, the Dictionary of Marketing, published by Oxford...



Why are so many professional services firms mobile-unfriendly?

Since early 2014, mobile internet use has exceeded desktop internet browsing. Social media strategist Kim Garst predicts 2015 will herald a shift to a truly...

Subway is learning the risk of celebrity endorsement the hard way

For Marketing Magazine, Jaci Burns writes that the controversy engulfing Subway and its long-time spokesperson Jared Fogle is just the latest evidence that celebrity...

Sales doesn’t have to be a dirty word

There are evidence-based ways for lawyers to sell their services, writes Jacqueline Burns for Lawyers Weekly.

Looking forward to a whole lot of bad content

Writing for Marketing Magazine, Jaci Burns reports from the Business Marketing Association’s national B2B conference, BMA15 in Chicago, with a content marketing reality check from...

Has video killed the radio star?

In this special episode, imageseven MD Brad Entwistle interviews Jaci Burns, Managing Director of Sydney-based marketing agency Market Expertise and columnist for Marketing magazine....

10 B2B Influencers to Follow Today on LinkedIn

Market Expertise Managing Director, Jacqueline (Jaci) Burns has been ranked by the Editor of the B2B Marketing (United Kingdom) as one of 10 B2B Influencers...